Salivary Gland Tumor and Its Symptoms – Essential to Know About the Problem

There are different symptoms that indicate you may face salivary gland tumor. Some common symptoms include a lump on the face, neck or mouth that is usually painless, numbness in the face, inability to move some facial muscles, especially if the muscle on 1 side of the face stops moving and the affected area slowly expands, pain or swelling in the face, chin, jawbone area or neck.

Salivary gland tumor feels like a lump or swelling in your mouth, cheek, jaw or neck. Pain in your mouth, cheek, jaw, ear or neck that doesn’t go away is common sign of this tumor. You may also notice a difference between the size and/or shape of the left and right sides of your face or neck. Numbness in part of your face can be another sign of salivary gland tumor. In case of such symptoms, you need to consult with experienced doctors.

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